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Damage to my 4-wheel drive

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To make a long story short I forgot to unlock my hubs on my toyota tacoma manual hubs an drove around for about a week before finding this mistake it doesn't appear to have damaged anything but I still worry that it might have any thoughts.
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actually its a good idea to lock in manual hubs ever so often just to keep them in good working order. I wouldn't run around in 4-wh low but in high I see no problem with what you did. 3-4 times a year should be no problem. The owners manual should give you some info on this.
The guys at work do that all the time because they're too lazy to get out and unlock them....but there hasn't been any problems from it. All Ford 250s and 350s at work.
should not be a problem . My father used to run his 4 wheel drive all winter with the hubs locked and the 4 wheel drive disengaged in the cab. Very lazy! Did this for years with no problems at all.
I had shifted it out of 4=wheel but left the hubs locked probably drove close to 400 miles like this.
this will not cause a prob with your 4 wheel dirve. when the t cse is not in 4wd the front drive shft in in nutral and just spins freely.
Hunt NH is correct I was a mechanic for about 10 years it won't hurt anything on our fire rescue truck only goes to car accidents we leave the Hubs locked all year long as most guys forget to lock them in. That doesn't do much when you shift it into 4 wheel drive so we just leave them in the locked position
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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