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We had a fun evening out with the wolf a few days ago! My father, brother and i were shooting my nephews new Wolf at 100 yards. I took 3 shots with the 245gr powerbelts, 90gr bh209 and the group was horrible! This rifle doesnt like 245's with blackhorn at all.

I had some T7 Magnum pellets, dropped 2 down the bore for a mag load and tried the 245's again.


My dads shoulder was hurting " stumbled/fell while holding a direction rope while cutting trees down" But i talked him into it as recoil was mild.
He pulled the shot on the left!

My brother shot the rifle as well but only 70 yards. Upper right hand corner is 3 shots from his open sight cva mountain stalker with 360gr lee minie, 80gr american pioneer 3f. The other nickle size hole was 3 shots with 150gr t7 and the 245gr powerbelts.

This little wolf is a heck of a shooter with the magnum loads! Surprised the heck out of me too.

No swabbing or anything. I bore coated the barrel and the crud ring doesnt build up so thats great if we ever use T7 in the field, wont have to worry about that swabbing crap.
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