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Took the scope off the Hunterbolt along with the rings/mounts. I wanted to have a back up rifle this season just in case " Oh okay i just like to change out rifles every other day LOL" and so i got the Optima all dialed in 1" high @ 50 yards.

Its Super, oven hot out today and i wasnt in the mood to wait around, baking in the sun for the barrel to cool down. 3 shots at 100 on a hot barrel with 110gr blackhorn209, winchester W209 primers, 300gr Ballistic Tip Thor.

When i go out later this LATE evening i am taking along some paper towels and windex, this scope was blurry as heck no matter how much i adjusted the eye piece. Im not sure if the lens are dirty or what but its pretty horrible as it is.

I'll give it 3 more shots with the 110gr Load and then decide if i want to try 100gr BH209.
than jack around with the 110gr charge, i went out again with 100gr BH209 and the same primer - bullet set up as before.

I was pretty surprised to see how low it shot just from dropping the charge down 10 grains. Accuracy was superb and the Optima and this load is now my main hunting rifle this year!

She's dead on now @ 100 after a couple sight adjustments.

Under 1" ! Shots #2 and 3 were darn near into the same hole, Good thing they wernt or else it really would have been hard to believe LOL

This 300gr BT Thor is a tack driver in the Optima with a few minutes between shots.
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