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The rifle is close to being where she should be. Have to go a bit over to the right and i should have it.

Top 3 shots were the 320 REAL without wads. I simply forgot to use them and by the time i caught on, it was to late.

Next 4 shots were with 70gr American Pioneer 3f and the 320 REAL with wads. The pattern simply amazes me, i kept looking through the binos after each shot taking take and just kept shaking my head in wonder. I ain't ever seen one group like this before, but shes consistent and accurate so that's all i care about.

454GR Lee conical with 70gr Pyrodex RS, Lubed wad. First shot was left, but as the bore got fouled, she liked to drift to the left. Still a decent group but i am always looking to improve. Its hard to judge the true accuracy at my 50 yard range due to the wobbly table, so 75 and 100 yards are the true tests of the bullets accuracy.
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