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One of my forum members sent me some .500" barnes to try naked in the Accura's barrel. I found that i have to slightly knurl them to get a nice fit but thats another post coming when i get around to shootin 'em!

.429" 200gr Hornady XTP in green crush rib sabots, 110gr blackhorn209, cci primers shoot great but theres one more load that shoots even better and its listed in red!

That .451" Hornady FTX in an HPH-24 sabot with 110gr BH209, cci primer shot AWESOME! No cool down or anything!

The 200gr XTP's also love 150gr T7 magnum pellet charge with winchester w209 primers @ 100 yards.

If i ever hunt a state that allows sabots, i do believe i have my loads all ready to go.
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