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cva 209 wolf sight in problem

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Don't know what could be wrong. I get close at 25 in bulleye move out to 50 don't matter what I do I shoot way high if I move the sight down don't make a difference. still shoots high I can move sight lowest as it goes still shoot hi. What is wrong with this gun. I here they where good but I am thinking else.

I was shooting powerbelt 295 grain with 2 pellet of 777 100 grain.

make me very mad my hunting season open sat I can't hit nothing at all.
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I'd go to where you bought it and get it replaced as soon as you can if your season starts tomorrow.
dam store wont return guns they said you buy you keep no returns.

or they can send it to cva witch is bull **** take a long time to.
give the manufacturer a call? If it is new there should be a warranty.
I would at least try another bullet/sabot combination, I hear good/bad things about the powerbelts???
Sight In Problems

You're going to be higher at 50 than 25 yards due to the rainbow trajectory of ML bullets. The shape of the PowerBelts causes this more than some other bullets. Try Hornady's 250 gr. SST-ML High-Speed, Low-Drag sabots. They made a huge difference in my Omega and Buckstalker.:bye:
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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