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cutting limbs = ouch

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well i guess im getting old these days. i was cutting some limbs about a week and a half ago in my apple tree with a limb saw. there was limb to high to reach so i just decided to climb the tree and cut it down. well that went well enough but coming down i had to stretch my legs a considerable amount apart to reach a bottom limb. im no male cheerleader so it kinda hurt a little bit. legs got sore but no big deal. just figured it would go away. well it didn't and the groin area got extremly achy in the male parts if you know what i mean. called my regular doc and told them the symptons. they said go to the er cuz it sounds like you may have a hernia. well the doc was right. got a small hernia under my right testicle. im suppose to take it easy and go see a surgeon in the next 2 days. im hoping it will go away since its a small one. i dont like the idea of someone cutting on me and placing a piece of plastic mesh in my body. im still a young dude and this stuff is only suppose to happen to all yall old folks out there. ha not really. thats the kinda thing that happens to people that say "Watch this, I can just climb that tree and cut that limb down with a hatchet. Get outta my way." my wife was also watching this and on the way down she said "Honey i did not think your legs could stretch that far apart." Me being the bull headed husband that i am was just proud that i could still climb a tree like when i was a kid. a little strain on the legs aint nothing. oh well it will get better one way or the other. and a positive about this is it did not happen during deer season. i do doubt i go turkey hunting this tuesday though. :bag:

im sure most you folks aint climbing trees and cutting limbs to often but if you do be careful and remember that your legs are not as limber as they use to be. :thumbup:
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I think its kind of funny showing off and getting hurt.Know he waddles like a duck.
Ouch for sure

Ouch for sure about this. :unsure: I hope the healing will be simple. :yes: You will just have to hunt turkey at WalMart.....:lol: I have found that they are easier to get that way.:tongue:
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