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crunchy leaves and snow!!!

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I am looking for some good advice for getting to my stand quietly. I am an adequate bowhunter who has good sucess early in the year when you can get to your stand rather quiet but this time of year has always been a thorn for me. I hunt in northern mn where all the leaves have fallen and it sounds like walking on rice krispies on the way to my stand. I have tryed to walk slow, stil hunt my way out and just about anything I can think of. I hunt in a huge woods and I know that when the deer hear you they are going to avoid that area and my luck in seeing deer this time of year is down even though they are there. the only time I seem to have luck is on windy days that settle in the evening, or days after a good rain. does anyone know how I can increase my odds at seeing more deer and enjoying this time of year more. I am a bowhunter and have found myself adequate time to hunt this late season and would love to hear any great tips..

thanks chad:wallbash:
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Not alot we can do about the crunchy leaves. I sound like a freight train myself. I just move slow, stop for a few secs and so on. I am thinking i sound more like an animal that way. I dont worry about it really. Have you ever noticed how deer sound when they approach you. Granted sometimes they move in a slow stop start manner but in other times they just ramble through the woods. The other day i had a couple deer coming to me. I bet i heard them 75 yard off. They never stopped just continued walking for several mins. It sounded like 2 people walking through the woods.
I wish we could get some snow in tennesee i was still gettin eat up by mosiquitos today startin of rifle season.
Walk a couple steps, stop, go a little more, etc. If your stand is near roads or highways wait until you hear cars or trucks then move. Jets, trains, creeks and streams work too. "Noise camo". In my experience it's the sticks breaking under foot that tips off the deer. I try walking tip toes onthe leaves without stepping on sticks. On your toes keeping the majority of your feet off the ground is how I do it. That seems to work for me. I always think of the foot area of a deer and try to reduce mine to that size by "toeing it". You can't be any louder than those darn squirrels. LOL
Leaves are pretty easy. In the past I've taken a yard rake in and cleared a path to my stand. That probably won't help with the snow or if your stand is deep in the wood. The other trick that I've used is to always use the same path and crush or kick as much of it as I can out of the way after the leaves stop falling. You can do a lot of good by just stomping things flat on your way out two or three evenings in a row. Again, the ice factor has always baffled me, I never figured out a good way around that.

For the morning, I'd try getting there a little earlier. The more time between the time you make noise and the time the deer starts thinking about whether to wander in your direction the better.

But then...
Opinions vary...
And that's just mine...

Hunt well, hunt safe.
One thing you can do about the take the cold ashes from your camp fire and spread it on the ice ...that should melt some of it. And its natural so you wont have to worry about harming the environment

I agree with the stop and go technique. Deer often seem to to focus their attention at what they hear at one moment. So if you stop and go they could pick up different sounds around them such as squirrels and birds in the leaves. In this way your sound can blend into the rest.

Also, one trick I use, especially if i happen to spook a deer on a walk in or out of a field is to use some kind of cover scent (im particulary fond of Red Fox Urine) or using a young buck grunt. A quick "eehhhhh" can often make deer think that some younger deer was just trotting through the area. However, if any of these things are used too much, they can become things that spook the deer rather than make them calmer. I have seen several deer that are doe estrus bleat shy.

Well there's my suggestions! I will try some this coming weekend. I'm heading back to West TN to catch up on some of my rifle hunting.
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