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The DNR in Michigan is talking about legalizing crossbows for all hunting seasons. Currently, one that is disabled or may have a certain injury ( with a doctors slip) can use a crossbow during any season. A crossbow can be used during our Gun season Nov.15-30 by any able-bodied person. I do not know much about the benifits of using a crossbow over standard archery equipment. Do they shoot better? Farther? Are they more accurate? Have better penetration and knockdown power? Do they produce more kinetic energy? Is using a crossbow by an able-bodied person taking the sport out of hunting? I recently heard that when Ohio legalized crossbows the archery business went downhill and alot of jobs and smaller shops went under. Not sure if it is rumor or not. Any insight would be great.
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I didn't hear any reports of archery business hurting from crossbows. I have no problem with people using them in archery season. I think there is some advantage over regular bows but to each their own. Become profienct with whatever you choose to use and enjoy.
I have been shooting a compound bow for 15 years, don't think I will ever chnge.
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