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Yesterday I cut my thumb half off with my Ten Point crossbow. A few models have the safety feature but most don't. The printed and DVD information that came with the crossbow discussed this "danger" and gave warning but all hunters know the adrenaline that comes at the moment you sight in on your prey. This is a very common mistake and easily made. Not all accident victims are stupid as you put it. Clearly the way crossbows are manufactured, with and with out this necessary safty feature is the "stupid" that should be cured.
people also get their fingers crushed, somtimes even severed in automobile doors, what should we do to get the manufacturers to include that little "stupid" safety feature on vehicles ?
I bet there have been more than a 1/2 a million lawsuit attempts on this against so many manufactures (not just against cars/trucks or crossbow manufacturers)
but i would also bet in just about every case not one was ever ruled in favor of the injured person involved.
no single individual is being called stupid but this type of injury is called the stupid act, like "How could I be so stupid to do that like that" and just about every time it happens,
we only have ourselves to blame not the products involved, even if the manufacturers designed some sort of safety feature to prevent certain things from happening
there are still going to be endless types of accidental injuries involved with any mechanical type of product.
now thats just my input on the topic but believe me, i've had many stupid moments in my life.
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