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Cross bow

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As some know I've been debating whether to get a crossbow or not. Well the old pain man has just about convinced me that if I want to stay in the woods for archery then a crossbow is going to happen. For those who have crossbows, I'd like your opinions regarding what new brands/model you have and like. Excaliber makes some nice bows and are light weight and fast but don't know about noise. Thanks for your input.
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Let me know how you make out on this.I have the same question.
Went to Bass pro tonight and shot a Excalibur Vortex model. Very impressed. Advertised speed 330pfs. With the 3x scope I was able to nearly hit the same hole in the target. This is a 200lb pull bow and with the rope assist I was able to pretty easily get it cocked. I really liked the thumb hole stock which fit me well. The trigger seemed to be in the 4 lb range, just a guess. These bows are just over 6lbs, something I have decided works for me. This is a upper middle of the road priced crossbow package and may end up with it in a couple of weeks.
Let me know how it works out!
Excalibur recurve bows are great. It's a lot easier to change a broken string when out on a hunt.
The bow is on it's way. Found a 2011 on line with the Excalibur nice case and the full lite stuff package for the Vortex. Save a bundle over Bass Pro's price. Will report on it in a week or so. :pickle:
Glad you got one HM
I never had a problem with the noise
the bolt is there before they can react
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