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?Crimsom Trace?

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Thinking about getting a Crimson Trace Laser sight for my Taurus Tracker.
Two questions:
1. Does anyone have any actual first-hand experience with this system? I have read that in bright daylight, it's not very effective - gets washed out by the sunlight. Does this happen and to what extent?
2. Also, because of the way it is mounted (below the barrel instead of above like other sights) the bullet only passes through the line of sight once instead of twice. What does this do to the optimum range at which this system could be sighted in?
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i have it on my glock. yes the red washes out more so than the green but the green laser is $$$$$. on my glock it mounts to the side and is adjusted to a certain distance, 25 yards. yup its off at lesser and greater but i wouldn't be shooting at much more and the closer the less the difference means. they are diffinately made for personal defence.
Thanks, Ron. I think I'll hold up on that as I'm not looking for a self defense setup.
i got CT grips on my ruger super redhawk. love it. yes at mid day in an open area you cant see the dot at much more than 10 or 15 ft. in the woods were you got some shade that distance gose way up. and at sun up and sun down its real good.
I have Crimson Trace grips on my Taurus. I don't think I'd spring for the $100+ more again. I'm just not convinved it's worth the $$. It definetly washes out in bright daylight.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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