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@*#! coyotes

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It has been the 8th night in a row I have been woke by my dogs barking like crazy. The first night I checked it out and seen nothing so I figured they seen a racoon. I was incorrect when at roughly the same time the next night they were at it again. I looked out and seen 5 coyotes feet away from my dog pen. I chased the away I thought, but an hour later they were back. I called the game warden and followed his advise of using loud fireworks and shooting a loud and sparking shells out of my shotgun he gave me and it didn't work either. I was told if I feel they are threating towards me or my dogs I can destroy them. If they weren't by my dogs I wouldn't care, but it just bugs me that my barking dogs didn't scare them off, and I got less than 20 yards away with a rifle and they just looked at me. Is there another way to scare them off, or should I just dispatch them. I hunt coyotes, but am kinda curious why I can get so close to them. My neighbors have a few goats, but they seem to leave them alone, but I think I need to take action before it gets worse. Thank you for any advise.
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they ruined my bowhunt saturday morning. there was a pack of em chasing a deer (i think) around in a big bottom i was hunting. the cane break was so thick i couldnt see but they yelped and barked and howled and ran around for 30 minutes or so. i never could see them. if i had, i would have emptied the clip on my sidearm and killed every one of them. they are a huge problem here in alabama. i would kill every one i could man. kill em and wee em out. rock on.
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