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Coyotes, a problem- is an air rifle a solution??

We are also having a problem with coyotes in my city and in my neighborhood. I have contacted the City, they say contact the DNR. The DNR says it's a City matter. The City just had a meeting and said we are suppose to harass the coyotes and that will make them leave. I don't think that will work. Question, will an air rifle kill a coyote and if so at what range would it still be effective? We are not allowed to shoot a firearm in the city but an air rifle should fall into a grey area. I haven't declared war on them yet, but will if they kill any of the dogs in our area. Several have been killed in the City, and they say well there is a leash law so no dogs should be running free. You have to love our elected members..

1 - 1 of 22 Posts
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