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@*#! coyotes

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It has been the 8th night in a row I have been woke by my dogs barking like crazy. The first night I checked it out and seen nothing so I figured they seen a racoon. I was incorrect when at roughly the same time the next night they were at it again. I looked out and seen 5 coyotes feet away from my dog pen. I chased the away I thought, but an hour later they were back. I called the game warden and followed his advise of using loud fireworks and shooting a loud and sparking shells out of my shotgun he gave me and it didn't work either. I was told if I feel they are threating towards me or my dogs I can destroy them. If they weren't by my dogs I wouldn't care, but it just bugs me that my barking dogs didn't scare them off, and I got less than 20 yards away with a rifle and they just looked at me. Is there another way to scare them off, or should I just dispatch them. I hunt coyotes, but am kinda curious why I can get so close to them. My neighbors have a few goats, but they seem to leave them alone, but I think I need to take action before it gets worse. Thank you for any advise.
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I am gonna set up tonight and take them out. I'm not gonna take a chance, I am gonna pop them all with my 270 and be done. I dont want them running off so i figured the 270 will pin them right there. I have noticed that there number are rising fast. When i hunt the state land i never used to see any, but the last two years I have seen quite a bit at all times of the day. My neighbor is on board too, he is gonna help, so between the two of us I think we can knock a few off. Thanks guys and I will keep you posted. I hope we get all 5.
I found a small buck this morning mauled about 75 yards behind my house. It clealry shows that it was chewed on by what I am gonna say were the coyotes. I had the game warden out and he took it, but am I allowed to post a picture of it on this site?
I was gonna set up tonight and take them out, but when I came home for my lunch break I had them in my back yard. I got two of them but the rest scattered. I neck shot them both with 22 , so I was a little quieter, dropped both where they stood. I couldnt get a clean shot at the other but will nail all that I see by my house. The first pic is the buck I found, and the other two are the dead yotes. Both shots were around 25 yards.


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I took out another one last night. I kid you not I was maybe 10 yards away from it and hammered it with a 12 gauge with 00 buckshot. It seen me, but I just kept slowly walking towards it and my dogs, and it couldn't care less. I followed the path I seen it walk in from and didn't see anymore, but I could hear them. I'm gonna be ready tonight when they come back, and I am gonna drop as many as I can. They are acting aggressively towards my dogs, so I think its time to thin the pack some more. It just shocks me that I can get that close to them.
i moved the dogs into the house tonight, and so far I haven't seen any. I figure my dogs are what's keeping them interested. I still plan on knocking them off if they come in. I have shot coyotes before, but they were all 40 yard plus shots, but these coyotes are not afraid of me and I can get close.
I agree that once you knock some out, other take their place, or at least it seems that way by here. I called the DNRE and they are not interested in having one tested, which suprised me. I havent shot any more, they havent been coming into my yard for a while, but I have seen them when I walk out to my tree stand, so I know that they are still around. I would say that its a decent sized pack. I thought about taking my carbine out and if I see them deer huting then I would shoot them, but I dont want to get if trouble in the warden stops out. Im sure he's heard every excuse before, and I dont want a ticket.
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