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Hey there guys. I have been interested in hunting coyotes for a while now. There is actually a bounty on them in utah. I figure it will keep me sharp for deer season. And save a lot of fawns lives. But my biggest thing is I don't know how or where to start. There like deer. Spook easy. And I don't know what calls to use. Baiting in utah is illegal. So that's out the window. Any oppinions would greatly help.

there is info in the varmint forum and it looks like you could have read the article about the post season let down. this thread will probably be moved to varmints by the mods but don't worry it will probably go to varmints.

you are right its a good way to hone you stills because a coyote is, in my opinion, the sneakiest critter you can hunt. their hearing is as good if not better than a deers. their eyes are better and so is their nose. so use the wind in your favor to move them where you can get a shot.

they will most often use the wind in their favor. in other words they will circle down wind of your calling so keep this in mind and be sure you can see a long way down wind. the best call i can think of is a distressed rabbit. we don't have a bunch of rabbits around here but the coyotes still come in to it. it sounds like a baby crying. they have electronic callers that work well. i use the phantom caller but mouth calls will work. i would suggest watching as many dvds as you can. unlike deer hunting dvds they seem to teach you more. get good camo that fits your area, use your scent control. cold. cold mornings are a good time to call them in. they need the colder temps for scent. in the summer they will be more or less nocturnal and early morn or late evening should be better. in the winter well into the morning could work for you. my favorite time here is when they cut the hay. the coyotes will come out early to get the little critters that are killed or wounded and they will run the wind rows in search of food. i like it cause its not cold out and there is the chance of a woodchuck.
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