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coyotes got another two

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Well went out today and found two deer with in 100 yards that were taken down by coyotes last night by the looks. I don't know how many because a few dogs can leave a lot of tracks but the area was all packed down with dog tracks.I AM GOING BACK IN THIS PM TO HAVE SOME FUN !!
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i've seem them wipe out every deer in an area in these woods. get'um
just got back . I saw two but they winded me as I approached the site. no real easy way in with the wind.
Darn. I was hoping you would take out. Nothing make you madder than a yote gettin to the deer before you do.
Agree with buckfever on this one. Was hoping that you'd take out several of them thangs. Hate coyotes for what they can do with young calves, not to mention deer. Guess that comes from having a rancher for a grandfather.

Guess that also means that you'll have to try it again tomorrow, right? <grin> =|:-0)
Bingo has been called ! I put a hurtin on two more with a twelve guage today. I got out early and went into the site the long way to avoid the wind. It took only thirty minutes and when the sun was setting three came in and I let them get to thirty yards then dusted the furthest and then the second dog ran right in front of the first one that I downed and took him right up the backside and ended his deer eating career. The third just plain evaded me as I never saw which way he went. Not anything left of the two deer though. I love when a plan comes together !!!!!!!!!!!!
good for you and the deer.
I think I like that dead coyote buck shot ! It is one hard hitting load ! I couldn't believe what a job it did on both of them with the right choke,I took thefirst one straight on and made a mess of him. No pelts to sell on the last one either.I found out that good long gaurd hair pelts can fetch me $40 skun out to a friend of mine that finish's them up. He had read some of these coyote posts. Might be profitable if the Mrs. will let me use Her garage space to skin them !
Good to hear about your success. I just read an article in American Hunter about the affects coyote have on a deer herd. Just taking out two or three yotes can make a BIG difference on the survival rate of fawns in the spring. I think I'm going to go out and try some calling in the next day or so. Keep up the good work!!!

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