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Coyote year round?

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just wonder if its legal to hunt coyote all year long in most of the country? im pretty sure it is here.
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in Wisconsin it is except for our 9-day gun deer season and muzzleloader season cuz the DNR are afraid we might shoot a wolf instead, but if those peoplecant tell the difference 2 weeks out of the year they sure aint going to tell the differance any other time either.Wolves are much bigger than coyotes,by at least 100 lbs.
but if those peoplecant tell the difference 2 weeks out of the year they sure aint going to tell the differance any other time either.

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
you make a very good point
the season ends march 31st and i think it starts in sept.With all the coyotes i think it should be open year round.Maybe they figure the hikers need a break from the gunfire:lol: wouldnt want to scare the tree huggers they might drop their granola and bong
Here in IN there is a season but if they are being a nuisance or found destroying property than the land owner may shoot them or provide promission for another person to shoot them. It is also legal to hunt them on land that you personly own or you can provide written promission all year long.
I think here in Texas they are legal anytime.I know we have a lot of them in east texas where me lease is.I've seen them in the woods on several occasions but have never tried to hunt them.From what I've been hearing it sounds like fun.On any night you can hear them out hunting.
on my property we have to kill them....if there are enough around the can attack and killl but thats rare tho
what should i do if i was to kill one?
mount it in the sitting dog postion and put it next to your recliner so it can watch tv with ya
I would just tan the hide and hang it on the wall.
Where I live (Indian Reserve) it is legal to shoot coyotes at any given time. Lately they're becoming such a nuisance. When spring turkey hunting I shot a couple coyotes trying to sneak up on a decoy I had setup a couple times. A friend of mine had a coy mounted and he used it as a decoy to hunt them.
thats funny. Never really had a problem with them while hunting. We can shoot them year round too i think as long it is priate property and they are causing problems.
It's open allyear in maine also.Plus we have anight hunting saeson on yotes also.
in wisconsin you can shoot em all year except for our 9 day gun deer hunt in certain counties.
you can in where I live, I live in texas here you can hunt any non game, exotic,varmits, and javelina(there is a bag limit of 2 javelina per licence a year) all year round and I know you can hunt varmits at night, you'd have to look up the rest of the non game animals, Im pretty sure you can hunt exoctics at night Im sure of one kind of exotic, feral hogs and boar or as we call the sneaky little scavengers "pigs" you can hunt at night, but I dont know about javelina well thats all I know but um if im wrong about some of these things pm please thanks
Year round in NH
Night season from Jan. to March
year around in ohio with no restrictions on hours or weapons used to kill them (except for during deer gun season wich is only like 2 weeks), and i know the same applies to hogs/boars/pigs whatever u want to call them lol
Yep, we can hunt them all year round here in Nebraska.
We got so many in my part of Arkansas that landowners are paying you to hunt them and pelts are going for $15 to $20. Nice little side business for some retirees.
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