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I have found that any good turkey load will put down a yote, I have killed yotes with #5,#6, and #4, depends what I have laying around from the previous turkey season.

I have no explanation for this, but I have never had any luck with electronic calls. All of my kills have come from mouth blown wounded rabbit calls. I try to put allot of emotion into my calling and get ready to shoot quick, as I have had many run in before I got six exhales on the call.

Your stand approach I feel is more important than your stand. Stay low and keep your approach as quite as possible. My best calling spots are within 100 yards of the truck, let them come to you and you will have less chance of alerting them on your entry.

Yotes learn fast and you can burn up a spot pretty quick.

Good luck!
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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