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could everyone post pictures of there mathews bow PLEASE

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im looking at buying a mathews bow and id like to see what some of your guys bows looks like
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I don't use a Mathews....
sorry got a bowtech but if you go to the matthews website they probably have some pictures there here is a link to there catalog

scroll down and it has the 2009 series.
Mathews Q2XL

Hopefully I get this photo posted.


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Well I shoot a Mathews Drenalin and love it. This one is not mine, as I have the lost camo on mine.

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i got to look around for one.they usually have a dead deer under them:lol:
This last hunting season would have been my bows maden voyage, but because of my shoulder injury it did not get bloodied. Now, this season is differant as the song is going to sing "Thwack"

But here is my 2007 bow season opener that I got in velvet:

Mathews Black Max @ 70#
Carbon Express Terminator 4560
G5 Striker Broadhead

Buck stood up from his bed at 5 yards

Weather 85*

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thats the way to post bow pics:wink:
Sorry shoot a reflex
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