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Converting My SKS Yugo

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I decided to convert my SKS Yugo from a standard surplus rifle to a modern day Tactical style Weapon. Here's a pic of the before look

The new stock hasn't arrived yet but here's a stock Photo of what it will look like without scope.

It will be fun to take it up to my friends hunting camp for target practice
They love shooting so this will add some flavor to the shooting practices.
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After new furniture
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After she was done. With a new face lift
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Yup looks really nice, actually looks awesome in both versions.
Thanks. I like the wood. But I wanted something a little lighter. That stock was so darn heavy.
guys, how do the conversions shoot? same? different? better? worse? got to say like the looks of the converstion better.
I don't think the conversions make any shooting difference whatsoever except maybe for comfort.
no part of the rifles operation is being altered at all only the furniture.
I like the conversions a lot better. For the simple fact that the stock. Stock was a little short. And the tactical has a 6 point telescoping stock. And for giggles it side folds.
21 - 27 of 27 Posts
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