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Converting My SKS Yugo

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I decided to convert my SKS Yugo from a standard surplus rifle to a modern day Tactical style Weapon. Here's a pic of the before look

The new stock hasn't arrived yet but here's a stock Photo of what it will look like without scope.

It will be fun to take it up to my friends hunting camp for target practice
They love shooting so this will add some flavor to the shooting practices.
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i like the after much much better.
If I was at camp I'd definitely want to shoot some rounds threw it.. That's gonna look good..
Hey my old man has the same thing without the scope and bipod. It's an older rifle but still looks pretty neat. I'll try getting some pics of it. He also has a 223 or m-16 type looking thing that also looks cool but I don't mess around with it. THEN my pops in law has a M-1 30 cal older looking rifle with a 30 round mag and is in good condition. I don't know the exact name of it but I will get a pic of that too. I really like the new look of your SKS. Sorry for rambling.
check your regs most places ban any rifle that has a bayonet lug.It is considered an"assault rifle" .be careful
I won't ever use my SKS for hunting, I only use it for target shooting and practice.
The state of Vermont has no special regs regarding Assault rifles

"Vermont - No state restriction on the sale or possession of military-style semiautomatic assault weapons.
Assault weapons are as easy to buy as hunting rifles."
sweet deal:yes::yes::yes::yes:
Here's the after pic... The matching clip is backordered but the stock fit like a GLOVE... :thumbup:

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nifty. who makes the stock?
It's made by the "TAPCO" company out of Kennesaw, GA. Made in the USA.
Ronn, If you want to check their stocks out you can see them a
Bruce here is a pic of that older rifle my pops in law has. He told me alot about it but my punch drunk brain totally forgot. I think it's a M-1 30 carbine from 1940's or something.

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Nice conversion bruce!!looks really good.
Timber,that is a nice father also has one.nice little guns
Wow thanks for sharing the pics TG, that's an awesome Rifle, it is from the M1 .30 caliber family,
The one your father in law has looks like the M2 .30 caliber Carbine,
In my opinion It's the best one of the M1 family. M1 brief History. <-click to view

M1 family line-up.

M1 Carbine - semi-automatic only
M1A1 Carbine - semi-automatic only, with a folding metal buttstock, issued to paratroopers because of the lightweight stock
M2 Carbine - selective fire, semi or fully automatic determined by selector switch on receiver top, left side
M3 Carbine - sniper version with a specially modified grooved receiver for mounting an infrared 4X "Snooper Scope"

Important to note, the M2 is responsible for most of todays modern semi automatic rifles.

Another little FYi = I have also seen just the Bayonet and Scabbord sell on Ebay for as much as $280.00 Dollars :thumbup: :thumbup:

Somewhere I have a link to the Parts blow up for the M2 If I can find It I'll send it to you, It would be a nice display to print it out for your Father In Law... :smile:
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I found it TG, Winchester U.S. M1 Carbine Parts Legend
I don't meen to beat a dead horse. But I really like this conversion. I recently gave my ak-47 a face lift also. But I wanted to know if you still had your wood furniture. And if you would be willing to sell it.
I don't meen to beat a dead horse. But I really like this conversion. I recently gave my ak-47 a face lift also. But I wanted to know if you still had your wood furniture. And if you would be willing to sell it.

Thanks 01sick7, Yes i still have the original wood stock but I don't want to sell it.
You can find just about anything you're looking for on the net.
If you need some help finding something let me know what you're looking For and I'll check for you.
That would be cool man. Iv looked at tapco,ati, and, romanian guns. All I find is tactical furniture. And the wife wants some nice cherry wood. She hates the ak. But loves the sks. So she pretty much took it over.
Do you have a picture of your AK-47 ?
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