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computer problems

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trying to resolve problems, :thumbdown:
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Will be offline starting Monday to clean it out and then load window's 7. Vista is crashing my computer as well as several others I work with.
Vista is a pain the butt, good luck HM..
vista sucks...using it right now, till the mac is hooked up and running again after being removed to make room for company...(should be soon)

can't even use itunes any more on this piece of crap. ipod service module won't work anymore (only a windows problem) and I can't re-install itunes without being able to start the ipod service, so basically the installation has to be quit every time.

And not to mention all the other bugs and errors and general slowness I have to deal with.
Never made the switch from Xp pro sp III.
I'm back and running windows 7. We'll see how it goes.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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