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college rules

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2nd week of season ohio state vs miami,alabama vs penn state,and as i watch this marshall is beating west dont get these matchups in pros until playoffs.
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Tomorrow is gonna be a butt sitter for me.

South Carolina/Georgia

Ohio State/Miami or FSU (cant remember)

Oklahoma/Miami or FSU


Alabama/Penn State

Awesome lineup for sure.
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Dont forget about the Hogs this year !!
I wish we had ya'lls quarterback. That kid can pass. The hogs first 2 games where gimmies. We will see how they react when they start the meat of their schedule. South Carolina looked tougher than usual this year last week against Georgia. TN's younguns gave up once they got down by 2 tds. First half had my hopes up in that game.

Congrats HM on your teams good looking win last week.
Thanks, they have some special team holes to get fixed real quick but overall not too shabby after two games.
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