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cold, snowy, bow hunt.

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hey, its about 15 to 20 degrees, with about 2 to 3 inches of snow on the ground. i was thinkin about going bow hunting in the morning, the wind is gonna be perfect. here where i live we are not use to these conditions in the season.. but i dont know if i need to hunt in the morning, or evening, or stay all day?
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Good luck man. I always like to hunt when the wind is in my favor. I have never got to bow hunt in the snow. Enjoy!
Most of the deer I see when there is snow on the ground are in the evenings and the cloder it is the better they like it.
So how did it go? See anything? Being from SC I've never hunted in the snow before.
it was cold, and i saw alot of deer tracks as i was walkin in to my spot, but i didnt see anything. i guess better luck next year. lol
You can never go wrong by making a day of it. Where I'm from snow is no stranger in the late season and the more the better. Yesterday my nephew and I seen 12 deer and they stayed with in 150 yards of our stands from 15:39 till 17:19 two nice bucks too! One small 6 point and we couldn't make out how many on the other, he wouldn't come out of the brush but he was bigger than the 6 point for sure, but wouldn't you know it none of them would come in range. 4 inches on the ground and they were busy eat'n acorn, love those red oaks. No luck but still a great day in the woods.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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