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Cold front

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40-50 mph winds and temp is going from 92 yesterday to low 50's tonight. Cold front should help hunters for opening weekend here in Ohio if the winds die down some. Saw on TV where Minn and WI got heavy rains/flooding, mother nature gone wild!
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cant wait,its been 90 degrees or above 76 days this summer,bring on the frost:thumbup:
Yeah it rained pretty hard for at least a day or finally stopped this morning. Now we got about 20mph winds. We've had really cold weather here since about the first week of September.
It supposed to get here 70s by Monday i cant wait
It supposed to get here 70s by Monday i cant wait
Same here in TN.. Should be better weather to get me motivated to shoot the bow more and get in a tree stand. Still not got the mood yet with the 90 degree heat.
im tired of getting a sun burn and having to wear shorts while hunting...... it's ridiculous! arthritis doesnt like the cold, but dang! this heat is crazy! just glad the temp. will be DROPPING alot this week, going from high 90's to the low to mid 70's is going to wreak havoc on our herds...
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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