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well after much badgering from friends&cousin im thinking of buying a muzzleloader.i am a beginner and would like some opinions on these guns and questions.the guns im interseted in are the cva apex,thompson pro and a traditions vortek.this will be for deer hunting you just shoot powerbelts because there cleaner?will all mls shoot powerbelts accurately,does cva have better quality now i they had some past issues,is the thomphson worth the extra money over the cva.where does the vortek stand in all in no hurry im gonna get some knowledge and get familar with the weapon and be ready for next year,just want to make a good choice.i have a leupold vx2 3-9 in the safe so thats gonna be my scope.sorry about length of thread.appreciate the help.
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I shoot the Encore pro hunter and have no problem with my gun. The pro hunter is very versatile in that it can convert to almost any caliber with the swap of a barrel. One of the upsides is you can have the same excellent trigger pull on your shotgun, rifle, pistol or muzzleloader because you are using the same frame. The downside can be the cost of purchase, I don't know what your finanicals are but it has to be considered. The other guns are straight muzzleloaders? and I'm sure are just fine for what you have in mind .
I do suggest the blackhorn 209 powder, it is as clean as they advertise.
Good luck,
if resale value is your thing the TC might be your best bet
If you want to spend a bit more, buy a CVA Accura V2, they truly are a quality rifle and the triggers on them are superb.
for a ML only, I really like my TC Triumph shoots with the best of them. Power belts are just one bullet to try. Seems like they either shoot very good or they shoot like crap, you just have to try them. I also like Black Horn powder with either TC shock waves or Barnes bullets in 250 gr. I suggest you look at online auctions for a muzzleloader. Great deals are out there.
Beginner Advice

I shoot a Traditions Buckstalker and a TC Omega. The Traditions cost me $150 and the TC $224 on sale, normally $350, both new. I'm not a CVA fan at all but you can't go wrong with these IMO. PowerBelts do NOT shoot the same in all MLs. They only grouped 3-4" @ 100 yards in mine. I'm now using Hornady's 250 gr. SST-ML High Speed - Low Drag sabots and get 1" groups. For a beginner I'd say go with the Traditions. Any TC is worth the price, the advantage of the Pro Hunter is you can swap out the barrels. As far as propellant I shoot 2 50 gr. 777 pellets and both have a 3-9X40 scope. Hope this helps.:thumbup:
spiker, I am getting use to my Accura and the trigger is the smoothest I have pulled on any firearm.
So far I am pleased with my cva purchase and I am looking forward to next deer season... can't wait!
The "Award Winning" Traditions Vortek is #1 in my book so I'd go for the Vortek hands down...

Vortek features you just can't overlook

Accelerator Breech Plug
Quick Release of Drop Out Trigger assembly for easy cleaning and maintence
Egronomic Alloy Frame is lighter weight and helps prevent rust
1:28" twist rifling
Stainless Steel barrels for added rust protection
209 shotgun primer ignition
PAS- Projectile Alignment System easy loading and more consistent groups
Fast action release button
Quick Relief Recoil Pad
Over-travel hammer
Over-molded stock and forend
Thumbhole stocks available
WilliamsTM metal fiber optic sights
Drilled & tapped for scope
Sling swivel studs
Solid aluminum ramrod
Soft Touch camouflage stocks
360 Degree Barrel Porting reduces muzzle jump
Extended ambidextrous hammer spur

Dual Safety System
Traditions™ Dual Safety System incorporates 2 safeties, making equipped guns some of the safest available muzzleloaders. A cross block trigger safety is built into the trigger guard, just like a standard rifle or shotgun safety. The second safety is built into the hammer and blocks the firing pin from igniting the primer if the trigger has not been pulled.

Clearly the Traditions Vortek matches all the Thompson center & cva features but add's a few to boot.

Good Luck with which ever one you choose!
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