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went out this evening and sat with the bow even though its front stuffer season. very nice area. i keep hearing deer right there. did some rattling. about 1/2 before dark i'm sittin there, had rattled about 10 mins earlier, and heard this deep guttural blowing 30 yards from my stand. up wind for the most part. i was noticing that so often the wind would turn 180 for a second or so then back. it must have been standing there waiting to see something or the wind to tell him something. no way it saw me its way to thick even though the wind last night took all the leaves off the trees, all but the oaks. there was acorns still dropping where my stand is. oh well I couldn't have gotten a shot with anything less than a hand grenade and then it would have been questionable. I'll be back in there when is the big question. dang ole work.
BEAR!!? Waiting for a Ron chicken leg sandwich.:w00t:
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