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The way my sticks are set up.. (1 on top of the other and strapped to the tree) I dont really know how easy it would be to just remove the bottom one. Plus with only 1 section gone that means the thief would only have to pull himself up a little ways (4 feet) to get to the next section where he could just climb up.

When Im worried about someone taking my stand I do this. Get a couple climbing sticks in a style similar to this. Cabela's -- Summit Bucksteps Climbing Sticks

And then use screw in steps the remainder of the way up the tree. When your done hunting remove your 2 climbing sticks and take off. It makes it alot harder to jump up and grab ahold of a screwin step than it does to just reach 4 feet up to grab a section of the sticks. Did I explain that clear enough?

2 climbing sticks about 18-24 inches long. Followed by screwin steps the rest of the way up to your stand. The other reason I like this is it makes it less visible. People are less likely to spot your stand if they dont notice the bulky sticks going up the side.

Hope this helped give you another idea.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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