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cleaning question?

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Alright so her is the deal. As of late the past year or so my wifes father has been struggling with his health. He has a gun case full of firearms and today I asked him to open it to see how things looked. It was looking good until I took a look at a hawken style ml that he owns. The bore was rusty and he could not recall the last time it was cleaned. I tried cleaning it with the stuff he had but after repeated swabs and brushing the patches are still coming out dirty. Any suggestions would be appreciated this is a great looking gun that has seen many years in the field and may become part of my own collection some day.
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Probably will have to go to bronze wire brushes and something like Bruce's bore cleaner. If it's all rust hopefully you can save it. It's going to take a lot of scrubbing. I like to add a patch to the wire brush also. Once you get clean passes pull the nipple and shine a light through it and take a good look all the down the barrel to see how things look. Good luck.
Thanks HM will have to look into something like that. Nice idea the patch over the brush....
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