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Christmas slug hunt

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Are 3 day slug hunt starts sat...It could turn out to be great..
We had 7" of rain today already, and its going to rain all should push all the bucks back up on us...
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Update we ended up with 8" of warm rain ..
by the time sat came we had a thin layer of ice & 20 mi hour winds and are deer don't like it :crybaby:

We did find 5 OK bucks napping in a open field Sunday afternoon ..My son and i were able to pick the 2 biggest ones and put them both down seconds apart...there was some ground shrinkage :sad:

Giant buck story is still son is going to look for him this morning...
I got on a stand after work Monday and had 3 bucks run in so a truck coming down the road would not see them...I did get 2 shots off at the big one not the best shots but i have good bright blood ,,,But the curse of the water .. kept us from finding it last night..
waiting for the call
2x hope you can locate the buck and congrats on the grounded ones!
I had to pay my son for a days work ,,,But he found my buck..
were going to call it a good season and wait to look for sheds..
The first pic are the Nov slug hunt

this one was fun to take them at the same time

This is were my sons days work paid off for both of us

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Great bucks! That last one is a really nice one, congrats on a very good season. You've got some awsome hunting in your area.
Congratulations to you guys!!! Awesome bucks!
nice picks did ya float to get in there?i saw the little boats
Hey delbert weren't you the one that posted the pics of the pontoon ATV you were working on??????????
Thanks guys
We use the boats when the water is up and we have to float through the slough, to get back to are hunting food plots and some of the woods are a big island surrounded by water..

The Nov hunt we did real good back their and got the first 2 bucks out in the boats

This time we all went to the back ,but the bucks stayed up at house
Are deer don't like the ice
We killed the last 3 bucks with in eye site of my hunting apt
I have to give my son credit for setting me up on the last buck.
we worked all day Monday and he told me i should go sit on this stand that afternoon and see if the big buck he has been seeing bow hunting ,would show up..
it did show up, But i didn't get the best shot at him but i put a hurt on him
If it wasnt for him looking half a day for the buck he would have been gone for sure
As it turned out he new that bucks movements, like he wrote the book for that day
And set me up to give him the fatal shot
I say thanks Lil delbert

I have a few modifications to make on my slough rider
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1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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