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Christmas Post

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Be the first responder to this thread and win this gift. Just send me a pm of your mailing address and this gift gets sent to your front door. A simple THANK YOU for using our forums!!

To see all the rules visit our contest forum. Each member may only win 1 time.

An 12 ounce bottle of Scent Killer

Thanks Scent elimination, hunting scent products, doe urine, doe in estrus, scent dispensers, & scent killer products for deer and other big game hunters - Wildlife Research Center Main Page for sponsoring this giveaway
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Okay everyone, this is the LAST of the Christmas give-a-ways.. we need one more winner!!
Already won me some pee so I'm out. Some one needs to jump on this, what other club treats you this good? Bump bump bump
The LAST one.....oh no.
did I make it?
Congrats!! you got it.. PM your address and name and we'll shop it out to you..

Thank you guys for all the work you put into this site! As a relatively new hunter (my second season) I turn to this site a lot for what may seem like basic info for a lot of you, and I never feel like I'm being "talked down to"
well thanks to you ( new guy ) its us the hole that make this what it is and the eforts buckfever goes through to make it all happin for us all. so a big thanks for buckfever for bringing us all new and expereinced a place to gather and share.
I agree with all the above. BF runs a great site.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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