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Thanks Mr BuckFever and the Scent Killer cover product, it works! Now I would like to thank those who were responsible for my winning last night. To my parents for without them doing what they did I wouldn't be here today. My employer for forcing me to work 12 hr rotating shifts which put me at home at just the right time to win. My ex, she knew I was real sick and brought me Arby's knowing I wouldn't fix any supper. To the prescription drug makers who have me taking so many pills that serious side affects take place like ramdon and disoriented thought patterns that flow out like lava out of a volcano. Its not all bad cause if you use remote viewing you can put yourself in other places like say Hawii (lava) get it. Wouldn't we all like to be there right now. Anyway, this does show that without question there truly is a Santa Claus because he's leaving one present under my tree! Ho Ho Ho. I got some much need sleep last night can you tell!!!:yes:
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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