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An 8 ounce bottle of Scent Killer

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Bernanke is trying t

Bernanke is trying to charm the amcarein people to get re-elected and is now talking about how he held his nose while dropping billions of $$$ on the banks etc,etc. He's going to get more desperate up untl the decision is made on the new FED chairman. His love and desire for power is kind of disturbing enough but the real question can be visulized like this:Say that people in Seattle start to ignore traffic laws, people drive drunk, without licenses and with non road worthy vehicles. The accidents with personal injuiries and fatalities skyrockets. The person in charge decides to solve the problem by taking tax payer money to buy all the offenders/criminals brand new safer cars. The fatalities drops but traffic is still slow and dangerous. Is that person someone that should be re-elected due to his crisis management skills ? Or would we rather prefer a person that would have enforced and strenghtened the rules and punishements at the first sings of the problem and thereby avoided the bulk of injuries and fatalities altogether? Rate this comment: 0 0
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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