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chilly this morning

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boy oh boy its chilly this morning falls coming,hope it gets here soon and we dont get a heat wave during the bow season like last year. 6 more days and its hunting for early resident geese and squirrels in NY
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Yeah I like these cold snaps, it's weather like this that gets things started in the woods.
The Vermont Black Bear and Gray squirrel season begins Sept. 1st,
I'm not a Bear hunter but I may as well take my .270 during my scouting days, our freezer is getting low and I'd love a nice Bear rug. :w00t:
Nothing but rain and more rain here. No complaints though we need it badly.
Yeah buckshot the remnants of Fay are getting TN wet. At my home computer my satillite signal has been blocked for a day and a half due to the heavy cloud cover. No complaints here though. I think we have got about 3 inches in the last 24 hrs. Steady rain since yesterday here. It has cooled it off a little bit but prob not like you folks up north.
Yeah it was cold here to.the leaves are starting to change here.
old fay missed us ....and its hot....dove season opens on the 1st
Yeah it was cold here to.the leaves are starting to change here.
wow thats kinda early ,no?
ya know what that means?LEAF PEEPERS:surprised::no::wallbash::biggrin:
starting to change some here too...
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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