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Cheap ways for scent control

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one way i no is to wash youre clothes in bakeing soda...anyone know any othe good effective methods
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I just use the Scent Away Brand detergent. It seems to work pretty well. One thing I never thought of until a couple years ago, but when you do a load of hunting clothes laundry, throw in 3-4 towels and washclothes and also some non-hunting clothes to wear to the field while riding in your truck/suv so that your body stays scent free. What I do is get those gallon zip-loc bags and I stuff 1 towel in each of them (about 3) and then I put them in my closet in my bathroom. Those are my pre-hunting towels. Same thing with my undershorts and socks, i put them in ziploc bags after I wash and dry them so that they stay absolutely scent free. The rest of my clothes I leave in a 10 gallon storage tote. I like what HM said about putting a cedar branch in there with your clothes, helps them stay woods-like fresh.
I bought a kit type package several years ago for around $15 that had soap for your shower, laundry soap for your clothes, and scent spray to spray on your boots, equipment bags, and clothes after you took them out of the wash.

Very cheap in my book.

What tator said is a good idea too. You dont want to become as scent free as possible and then dry off with towels your wife washed in the latest berry scent that even a human can smell 14 blocks away.
yeah tator thats a good i dea much appreciated
I normally wash my hunting clothes in the washing machine, simply using plain water (warm) no soap. Then, I take them in my back yard and hang them up to air dry for 2-3 days, depending on the weather. It does not seem to matter, if lightly rained on and then dried again. This simple process is all I've done for perhaps 5 yrs now for all my hunting clothes. I do use scent-away spray before entering the woods normally too. A couple other simple things that help are switching hats once on stand (ever took a whiff of that favorite hat??):w00t: And putting outer layers on only after arriving at my stand site so as not to sweat too much walking in.
Cheapest for me is to get pine tree needles and branches and bend em up and rub the scent over my stuff. Smells pretty good too.
And putting outer layers on only after arriving at my stand site so as not to sweat too much walking in.

AMEN to this... I have to admit though.. it's hard to do when it's about 15 degrees out, but if you bundle up heavy you will be sweating heavy when you get to your stand no matter the temp!
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