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flexj, my t/d recurve was rated at 212 fps 58lb at 31" draw and at the time was pretty fast. I can't shoot anywhere near that #'s now but a good reference for recurves. They aren't fast but I never had a deer jump the string with one, however, the old Bear bows I've started collecting are noisy compared to the t/d custom bows I had. Right now bows with a 45# draw at 28" gives me around 50# with my draw length and all I want/can shoot. I know those #'s put the arrows well under 200 fps. What arrows are you shooting. I shot Easton classics 2219's which shot very nice out of the recurves. I never shot any carbons and may be too light weight??? I still believe in mass weight from recurves equals penetration at low speeds. Probably old school thoughts but it worked back then. Good luck with the stick bow!
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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