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cast iron skillets

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i got 2 cast iron skillets for xmas and know that you have to "season" the before using the first time. wondered what all of you do to "season" your skillets before the first use and as you use them. i plan on cooking over an open fire when i camp and want them to last a lifetime so i want to take the right steps to ensure this. thanks in advance!
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Seasoning skillets is fairly easy
Heat oven to 350
WASH skillets
Lightly coat the skillets inside and out with a good animal fat or vegetable oil, (i use canola oil) be sure to coat the skillets entirely.
Place aluminum foil on lower rack to catch any drippings and Leave skillets in Oven on 350 for 1 hour
Shut off stove after one hour and let skillets cool down in the oven

Wash skillets Thoroughly and repeat this process when needed

Good Luck
A lot of the new cast iron out today is pre-seasoned. The oven method will work but the best way to season out cast iron is to cook in it. cook up a pound of bacon or deep fry some potatos. I don't recomend washing casting iron except under extreme circumstances, just scrape it down good with a metal spatula and wipe it clean. If you do have to wash it don't use anything like brillo pad just a rag and lite soap then wipe it down with oil before you put it up.
same as above,but we also dry ours after washing them ,to keepthemfromforming rust,we just turnstove eye on on place it on it for a few minutes until dry
what can u do to one that has gotten rusted?
firsttimer, i also posted this topic on go under general discussion and i think it's on the second page, i got a lot of feedback and great suggestions on this subject there as well.
what can u do to one that has gotten rusted?
It depends on how rusted it has become. If it's very rusted you may need to have it sandblasted and just ReSeason it,
if it's just a light rust coating you can probably wipe it out with vegetable oil and ReSeason it again making sure to coat it very well.

You should Always "WASH" cooking utensils including cast iron skillets, just avoid using scouring pads or brillo pads and
make sure you heat the cast iron skillets on a stovetop to dry them thouroughly before storing,
It's best to store them in the oven but make sure you remove them when you use the oven..
I guess it depends on your definition of wash is. A seasoned cast iron pan should need no more than hot or boiling water and a rag to clean it. Never use soap on a seasoned pan unless you are planning on re-seasoning. It is best to clean them imiediatly after cooking while it is still hot. Then a lite coating of oil and your done.
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