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My thoughts on reloading up a bunch of ammo...

One thought that I remember reading a long time ago was that loaded ammo has a very long life. The author stated that powder and primers are far more likely to have problems if left just sitting on the shelf. So his idea was to do as you have, stock up components then load up the ammo and use it from your stockpile. Besides it is fun to do when you can't get to the range for actual shooting. The only downside is if you are someone that is a handloader. I am a reloader, not a handloader. A handloader taylors each bullet to a certain rifle, has the bullet adjusted to sit a couple of thousands off the lands. The handloader has also matched the powder to the rifle by trying multiple powders at various charge levels. I reload mainly my 30-06 ammo using Win760/H414 powder at 52 grains behind a Nosler 165BT bullet set off by a Federal primer. Handloaders have told me that I could gain fps by changing my powder to XXXX or YYYY. I don't care about the extra fps my load is light and at the bottom of the recommended range, my important it shoots well in all my rifles. I can't remember my 45acp reload stats except it was Unique powder until I was talked into buying 8# of Herco. The only variable is whether I am loading 230gr Hornady JFP or 230gr Hard Cast Lead FP.

1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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