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For your first AR, t

For your first AR, the chrome v ssainlets v regular 4150 v 4140 steel is not LIKELY to be an issue. Chrome is sometimes a little less accurate out of the box than 4150 or 4140, but it holds its accuracy better over 30k+ rounds (the number depends largely on how hot you run the gun, the hotter you get the barrel, the shorter the life). Stainless is the most accurate out of the box, but you cant run rapid drills for 20,000 rounds in a year and expect it to keep sub MOA (under 1 at 100) groups after that.If you personally group more like 2 at 100 then ssainlets would be a waste of moneyIf you don't expect to shoot more than 20,000 rounds through your rifle and you don't plan on dumping mag after mag through it, then chrome is a wasteDPMS makes great priced, solid rifles. Their QC is not the industry standard, but I have had much less issues with DPMS than Stag, Rock river, Olypmpic arms and many other brands that are considered by most to be superior to DPMS. They make good stuff so no problem there.But, for what is is worth, Yankee hill are great and I personally would spring the extra for their rifle. I really like their stuff.Looked it up I'm cancer moon, pisces sun, virgo rising .

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If you can afford a tumbler, that's the way to go. I tumble my cases before I size them and then again after I size them to make sure there's no lubricant residue on them. They come out looking like brand new cases!
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