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Cant wait

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its about time to get ready for turkey hunting I have a juvenile hunt this weekend my last one then I will clean all my deer huntin stuff take treestands down and put them up then I will drag out the turkey calls. I am going to purchase the b-mobile decoy from primos I have watched a bunch of TV shows and read reviews and only seen 3 bad reviews. It is supposed to be great I hope this helps me kill my first turkey. I have called in turkeys I even shot at one just didn't hit it good enough to kill it. Has anybody used the nitro 3,4 and 5's you have to order them I was just wondering if anybody has had any luck with them.
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no. my favorite was the remington duplex 4X6 in 3" but they don't make it any more. i use now and have had great success with 3" heavy shot 5's. about the same patterns from both.
Good luck this weekend, don't do much Turkey hunting so I can't help on the what loads to use.
I like the 3 and a half inch shells myself. hevy loads in the #4 shot kinda hard on the sholder but never get more that one shot anyways. but I can reach realy far with them. I got a tom last spring at 55 yards and he fell in his tracks and did not flop long at all.
Thanks for the info. chasin the deer in the morning it has turned downright cold here 4 degrees this morning goin to be 14 in the morning. have to love it, lookin to put some more meat in the freezer. Landowner says he wants me to shoot does where he can have a garden without the deer eating it all.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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