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well i have finally got almost all of the land i hunt here in KY scouted. yup your right its a little late for that but i work with a very tight time restraint. anyway i found where the does are moving but i think the rut here is about over. they move through this little spot early in the morning and i have only ever seen one buck and he was a little 4 point but lots of does moving through a few OLD scrapes around from what i can tell and i have hunted this and to no avail seen anything even remotely worth shooting at. i have seen big deer on the land and this is by far one of the best movement corridors around there is one funnel to the north but it moves straight down to where im sitting. i geuss my question is where did the bucks go. are they bedded down with does this late in the season or are they just staying in the thickets they have to eat and there is a food plot that they are tearing up right where i am hunting. as some of you may know i am a scent control "nazi" of sorts. any how if you have any insight or hunt in my area and have insight please let me know. thanks:wallbash:
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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