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There are two instances when I would shoot a dog to kill it,
1. If it were coming at my child, wife, myself, or anyone else in my family
2. If it were chasing cattle around and causing them to go through fence

There are two instances when I would shoot a dog to hurt it (a.k.a. BB gun)
1. When the stupid thing keeps coming in my garage and pulling EVERYTHING it can out into the yard OR tears open trash set out for trashman.
2. When it constantly pee's on the tires of the vehicles that have been recently washed (and recently washed could be from a rainstorm! ha)

True story... when I was about 13 y/o I went to my cousin's house (she was much older) for a Christmas dinner. I had just gotten a brand new pair of jeans that morning for Christmas. Well I wore them to my cousin's and I was down stairs with my cousin's 4 children playing ping pong in the basement. All of a sudden I looked under the table and this long haired black dog (which was HUGE) was growling at me under the table. I slowly backed away and he stepped towards me. I was threatened BIG TIME. He then took a snap at me which made the tator RUN like the wind up the stairs. Well guess who was following me?!?! YEP, buster the stupid dog. Well I got about 3 stairs from the top and this dog got my leg and bit down on me hard. Ripped my brand new jeans from the cuff to the crotch as I pulled my leg away. My NATURAL instinct in this scenario: I literally kicked that dog's head so hard that they later had to put him down b/c of brain issues. He went flying down the stairs and hit the concret hard. To top it off... my cousin was TICKED at me for doing it. All I did was look down at my crotch and back up at her and said "SERIOUSLY?!?!?!?!"

Now comon' HM... tell me you wouldn't have done the same thing. That dog needed to be put down. I love dogs too, but many times they don't have the right owners to train/teach them or they just can't be domesticated.
1 - 3 of 23 Posts
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