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cancelled fishing trip

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Had to cancel the log cabin reserved for this year's fishing trip to Canada. Work has once again caused summer vacations to be unavailable until the new supervisor is trained and takes over his shift. Pretty bummed as this is now two years of lost summer vacations and fishing trips to Canada. Not a happy camper! :wallbash:
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That's why I live at a lake, don't have to worry about trips I can't afford any ways. People come from all over to spend time here were I live so I just enjoy were I live year round and think how lucky I am caz many can only spend a few days here. !
i feel your pain. right now we are on manditory 10 hr days, 6 days a week.
Sorry to hear that HM
sounds like next year you should take a two week fishing trip
Thats a bummer HM, hopefully he is trained for hunting season!
sometimes there is just no reason for stuff, it seems like it was your turn again but I ask isn't it someone elses turn? Perhaps soon or maybe this means a big deer for your pain??????????????
HM that's too bad man... I feel your pain. When the new super comes in tell him first thing that you deserve some TIME OFF! haha
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