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canada fly-in

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just wanted to let anyone that may be interested know about the outfitter and lake i use. the outfitters is jim saari with bushland adventures and the lake is lac evans in north western quebec. if you are looking for true trophy northen pike and walleye this lake has to be checked out. i have been there for about ten years and have yet to be dissapointed. largest pike: 47 1/2" and largest walleye: 30" 10 lb. my group always limits out on eyes and every guy usually catches between 10 and 15 pike over 40" per week. price is $1950/week. if your looking for a far north fly-in check this out!
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all of my pics are old style film and print not digital uploadable, sorry. but boy do i have some good ones! what a great lake and outfitter.
great info thanks for the heads up.
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