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I am relatively new to the muzzleloading scene, I have bowhunted for several years now and decided to take the plunge. As i do when I get into any new hobby or purchase I end up doing ALOT of reading. I have noticed alot of ML forums have someone that always pops up and ask can ( insert gun mfg/model ) drop a deer.

Today I was watching some borrowed hunting videos ( sprained ankle/ nothing better to do ) and I came across a hunt that answers that question with ease. DVD is called Moose Mania 1 w/ Ralph & Vicki Cianciarulo. It advertises the muzzleloader shot on the back cover, the short of it is a 199 3/8" scored Canadian Moose shot at 146 yards and recovered in 30 yards. Shot was made with a traditions pursuit topped with a Nikon scope ( rifle variant wasnt specified but from looking at it I think it was an xlt ). The load out was 100gr of pyroxdex powder and a 250gr saboted Traditions APB 100 projectile.

If 100gr of pyrodex and 250gr saboted bullet can drop a 1500+lb moose at 146yds I am quite certain it can handle a 200+lb whitetail. It all comes down to shot placement and how comfortable you are with your weapon. Another realization I have came upon is I will be limited to what powders, pellets and projectiles I can get in decent quantities and prices locally.

All that to say if you have a decent muzzleloader, no matter what name engraved in the barrel, a sensible powder load and a decent projectile you can drop just about anything that walks in the woods.
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