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Can I bring it home?

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Good morning from a new guy.

Heading for Manitoba next week for deer and just realized that I have no idea if I can bring the meat back. Any of you folks have any experience?

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Hey TED338, welcome to the forum. Sorry I've never hunted across the Northern border. I only venture up there to play lacrosse and check out the falls. But I'm posititve somebody will have info for you. Good Luck.
welcome to the club. like timber said someone that way should have the info you need. if it is restricted for you to bring it home i believe they usually just have to check the deer for diseases and such. if its a clean deer then you can bring it home.
You should probably check with US Customs and possible the USDA. I would start with Customs and ask them if you need to check with someone else. We pay their salaries...make them work for you! LOL!
Yeah check with US and canadian Customs ALSO with new 9-11 border and customs regulations and Homeland security Regulations,
I'd be checking on what the Laws are regarding Bringing a rifle into Canada and back home again..

Sorry not to reply sooner but computer hit the skids same day I posted. Thanks for the advice, can tell you that getting the rifle is not that hard. Need a US pasport and Customs form # 4457 to prove you own the weapon; must have this form to bring the rifle back to the US also. No handguns, no way, no how.

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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