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Camp Pics

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Camp was a blast!! I didn't get to take near as many pics as I wanted but I really didn't have time b/c We never stopped learning about the whitetail deer from 6:15 until 11:15 we didn't stop working a learning...It was a great experience but I am a little tired but It was way worth it! at camp there were 30 cadets or students and we where then divided in "herds" about 5-6 cadets per herd. There was only 5 girls at the camp counting me and we named ourselves the ''BUCK KICKERS'' lol...and everything we do at the camp was worth points wether it be shooting, scoring, aging, deer trivia, basicly anthing. and at the end of the camp they named the top herd and the girls actually won!!!!!!!!! now we get a free hunt down in south texas at some ranch!!!!!! My signature is the camp motto...

One morning we went out and wrote in our journals about what we saw and heard.

Me shooting the .22 -- didn't miss in practice even without the sandbags -- but of course during the compotition i missed only once =/

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all the "Buck Kicker's" boots -- mine are the blue ones at the very top

This is the classroom we, this is where we learned about things and then went out in the field and did them

Shooting range/ratting antlers/plant press

Bow range
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AWESOME,way to go.the camp looks like a lot of fun i took my nephew to something like that last year.Thats the way to learn HANDS ON. Life lessons you'll never forget.if you got more pics post em up.:thumbup::thumbup::thumbup::thumbup:
Sorry for the blurred faces but I wasn't sure if the other girls would mind me posting their pictures

This was the ratting contest...

Here comes the buck/'s a duck!

This is us working on the plant press book thing

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EDT all the pictures show you had a great time! Now you can teach us some new stuff. All young hunters should attend a camp like that. Glad you had fun and did a lot of neat things too!
Very impressive and I'm glad that you had a great time.
Welcome back ETD, Sounds like you had a great time.
In the pics it looks like you had a ton of fun learning new things and making
some new friends and at the end of the day,, that's what it's all about...
I gotta tell ya,, I love the Boots pic!! :thumbup::thumbup:
Awesomw.. Looks like a sweet time for sure.. Thanks for the pics.. Im glad ya'll kicked the boys tails.. That makes it even better..
ETD, glad you had a good time. Looks like fun for sure. So you won a hunt? when do you go?
They havn't told us when exactly we get to go on the hunt and what ranch we will be hunting on....but I know it will be sometime in this next deer season...
cool. glad you and the others had a good time
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