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I HAC A CHEAP 40$ DIGITAL CAMERA ALAS IT BROKE NOW IM BACK TO THE OLD DISPOSABILS OR MY HEAVY 35Mm SORRY FOR THE CAPS. so what does everyone else use?any suggestions for a new digital ? im leaning towards a digital camcorder saw 1 at walmart for 130$Let me hear from ya.Its got to be lightweight,compact and able to withstand hunting rigors:boxing:
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i got to buy me a camera this year too so im kinda hoping we get some response on this.
I use a Canon 35mm but if you can afford a digital it is easier to uplaod photos from it, I prefer film for the quality pics but they are harder to get on the PC
You can scan you pics to your computer then upload em anyway you want .yeah i got a yahsica 35mm takes great photos but its bulky and heavy for in the field.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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