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Caliber preference?

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OK Fellas just for the fun of it... Let's pretend you don't even own a rifle and knowing what you know Now about all the different Calibers...
Out of the following Caliber choices I'd like you to tell me which Caliber you would choose and Why.

Caliber Choices

.30-06 Sprg.
.7mm Rem Mag.
.300 Win Mag.
.338 Win Mag.
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1wObXJ <a href="">bomhogbnkfsn</a>, ulmweefttdxw, [link=]rmdhvdojvhqh[/link],
#1) 30-06---only gun that I really ever messed with
#2) .270---targets and such, impressed with recoil and trajectory
#3) .243---targets and such, impressed with recoil and accuracy
#4) .22----love plinking and taking out the darn woodchucks in my moms garden
id have to go with the 30-06. but i cant beleave .270 dident even make the list.
huntnh, the .270 didn't make the list because I already have a .270
P.S. the .270 is my Fav caliber. LOL

I just wanted to get everyones thoughts on the Calibers I'm considering for my next rifle.
I LOVE the .30-06 especially for it's cartridge options but I'm leaning more towards the .300 Win Mag.
Between Remington and Federal factory loads It has decent ammo coverage with 130, 150, 160, 165, 180, 190 and 200 gr. bullets
Decisions, Decisions, Decisions :wallbash: :wallbash
BB, I agree with your decision. The 300 is a great all around round that exceeds everything but the 338 in your list and could be used for all critters except the big bears. These questions stir the opinion pot really well but its fun to read the posts. The 7mm mag would be a close second. I'm not knocking the 06 cause i have several. I too like the 270 as a deer getter. I'd throw in a 300 sav as an old man deer caliber, easy on the shoulder and plenty of oomph to get-er done. The 308, 270 wm, 25-06, 243, 260, 35 rem, all the new short mags................ :biggrin:
bruce i think if you are looking to add and already have the 270 i'd jump to the 300 win mag. or better yet the 300 win short mag.

Thanks for all the feedback guys.
Here's a picture of the rifle I just ordered.
I decided to go with the .300 Win Mag.

MSRP: 654.00 My Cost: 400.00
Mossberg 4x4
Caliber: .300 Win Mag
Action: Bolt Action
Stock: Laminate Sculpted Stock
Capacity: 3+1
Receiver: Matte Blue
Sights: No Sights
Barrel Length: 24" Free Floating Button Rifled Barrel
Overall Length: 42"
Weight: 6.9 lbs
Butt Plate Recoil Pad: Black Recoil Pad
Additional Features 1: Drop Box Magazine, LBA Adj. Trigger System down to 2 lbs
Additional Features 2: Factory Installed Weaver Style Base

Also comes with a Free Lifetime Replacement Warranty
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looks good bruce and a attractive price. how long before she arrives? lets us know how it shoots.

I'm looking to add as well but i'm going the other direction. Tikka t3 in .270 win short mag. the number i got was $660 but that before i get the scope and make him sharpen his pencil.
thanks Ronn, Thanks Hm, It arrives Tuesday So I should be able to pick it up Tues. afternoon. I'll definately let you know how it shoots
may take awhile though our Rifle season opens tomorrow.
Ronn I can also get you that Tikka t3 "lite" Bolt in .270 wsm for $504.00 but that's the Synthetic stock not the Walnut stock,,, If you're Interested I'll send you a link.
that price is good till Nov. 30 2009
please do bruce. i'm looking for the synthetic stock stainless or blued. like saving a buck or a hundred.
just sent you a private message ronn... Good Luck
Darn it!!! Sorry Bruce I misread the post. I thought you asked our personal fav's. Punch drunk sorry.
Out of your list mine would be the 30-06 for the same reason's ronn listed.I shoot a 270 also,but any caliber choice would be a .280.
.270 and 30-06 are just about the same. My next gun will be a .243 with some big big 50mm glass. There is something about that round. you know it is just enough for the job and is a nail driver. You just have to make a clean shot.
.270 and 30-06 are just about the same. My next gun will be a .243 with some big big 50mm glass. There is something about that round. you know it is just enough for the job and is a nail driver. You just have to make a clean shot.
yup a .22, a .243, .270 or 06, and a 300 win mag and you're good to go. oh and a 12 gage
Well my new Rifle has arrived BUT apparently Mossberg updated the 2008 model by adding the LBA adjustable trigger assembly to the 2009 models Well as luck would have it I got shipped a 2008 model (no adjustable trigger) but after I contacted Mossberg to get the scoop they were very appologetic and understanding and are going to make the necessary changes to my new rifle So it's all good I just have to send it to them and should have it back within a week or so.
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